Wentzville Police Lip Sync

Have you seen the viral lip syncing videos going viral across the country? These videos are especially intriguing when police stations make their own. The Wentzville police channeled their inner Top Gun and even used a drone to complete the video! This video has gone viral and you do not want to miss out on watching it!

As area police departments have joined the viral Lip Sync Challenge, we’ve been treated to all manner of creative entertainment.

We’ve already seen flamethrowers, celebrities, ridiculously good choreography, excellent acting and storylines, references to Warren G and Prince, unusual song choices and an eye-opening recreation of a famous scene from “Titanic.”

What we haven’t seen: An adaptation of “Top Gun” featuring drone video, an officer called “that hottie in the green flight suit” in a Facebook comment, and drawn-on abs. Thanks to the Wentzville Police Department, now we have.

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Wentzville’s video starts in familiar territory, with an authority figure laying down the law, saying it was time to get things under control. Then this production takes an upward turn, with officers coming out amid smoke to the opening strains to Kenny Loggins’ “Danger Zone.” 

The drone footage, scenery and creative moments outweigh the relatively sparse amount of lip syncing, which isn’t this video’s strong suit.

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The unexpected moments include one officer diving into the sand during a volleyball game and then rolling over to reveal perfect abs — hilariously drawn on with a marker, two kids’ perfect comedic timing while swooning over drone pilots and an amusing rendition of Ciara’s “Level Up,” which made up for no reference to Berlin’s “Take My Breath Away.”

Check out the video below and click here if you can’t see it. Then head here to watch other area departments’ videos and vote for the best in our poll!

Source: https://www.stltoday.com/news/local/stcharles/wentzville-police-channel-top-gun-in-drone-filled-lip-sync/article_87a0bf1f-312d-546e-affa-d2b9004937ec.html