Unions Are Growing In Missouri

Although Missouri is seen as anti-union, unions have been steadily getting bigger and growing in the great state. The unionization rate in Missouri was higher than the national rate for the first time in 17 years, which goes to show they are only going to keep growing and people like the idea more than ever. […]

Do You Sled Art Hill?

Sledding is an amazing part of winter, and every year plenty of people head out to buy a sled or a tube, and go on over to Art Hill. What many people do not know though, is the history of Art Hill, and how it started 115 years ago to provide the fun that families […]

No More Potholes!

Potholes are miserable part of driving, and many cities have to deal with them. They can ruin your car, the tires and wheels. Well if you are tired of slamming into these potholes on the daily, you can do something about it! You can always chat with the road crew to try to rectify the […]

Even Police Officers Need To Watch Social Media

We all know that what you post on social media can live forever, but that doesn’t mean everyone listens to this. The same holds true for police officers, and two St. Louis police officers have been fired for what they have posted on social media. 22 St. Louis City police officers have been put on […]

Interesting Discovery Made In St. Louis

St. Louis has plenty of history, as a great city that has been around for a while. While discovering things throughout the city isn’t rare in and of itself, finding something that is nearly 140 years old is pretty neat! That is exactly what construction crews did while excavating a home, a 15 foot cistern. […]

Mookie to St. Louis?

All of you  St. Louis Cardinals fans better watch out, Mookie might be heading our way! Although the idea might be a pipe dream, the potential is there and is something you can all get behind! The Cardinals are on the potential list and this blockbuster trade could be coming our way! (Believe it or […]

Cardinals Win

As we inch closer and closer to the post-season, it is nothing but a breath of fresh air when our beloved Cardinals win!  Matt Carpenter did it again in the 5th inning when he put the Cardinals in the perfect position to score, and they did just that. Harrison Bader scored and gave the Cardinals […]

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