Made in St. Louis: UCity artist combines beads, florals, stories in her jewelry pieces | Lifestyles

Many times people discover talents they did not know they had, and this artist from St. Louis reached back into her heritage to pull inspiration for her jewelry pieces. Not she is able to combine beads, florals, and stories from her past into her jewelry, and we are just happy that it is a hometown […]

Renewed concern grips Cardinals as another player tests positive for COVID-19

Coronavirus has fully taken hold of the world, and definitely the United States, and isn’t going anywhere any time soon. This holds true for sports as well, and even our hometown teams are feeling the impacts. Sports are trying to re-start, but our Cardinals are already having to postpone games as players test positive. In […]

St. Louis home health care firms say they will hire 1,000

The pandemic has hit the entire country, with many people being infected, passing away, and others being laid off from work as a result of it. In St. Louis, home health care firms are proud to say they are hiring 1,000 people, and this will help give the seniors the care they need, at a […]

George Floyd protests St. Louis

With all of the recent events happening across the country, including George Floyd’s death and the protests that have ensued afterward, St. Louis is preparing for their own protests today. Here are where the planned protests are occurring, so you know where may be closed or blocked off to traffic and to be safe ST. […]

Specific guidelines for reopening St. Louis area businesses released

With the worldwide pandemic still going on, some countries and even states in the U.S. are slowly trying to start opening back up. St. Louis is no different, and recently the guidelines have been released on reopening certain businesses, and what criteria they need to meet in order to be open to the public CLAYTON, […]

St. Louis Man Creates Coronabusters Car

In the great city of St. Louis, it’s important to keep spirits up among what is going on in this crazy time, and one resident is trying to just that. He created a car to go along with the coronavirus theme, and it is a play on the familiar films we know as Ghostbusters, you […]

Over 450 St. Louis Area Restaurants To Order Takeout

Many businesses have closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, whether just temporary or permanently. One of those industries hit hard is the food industry. You can support local restaurants by ordering to-go and delivery options! Here are over 450 restaurants in the St. Louis area that you can support by ordering food. Restaurants that are […]

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