Lambert Airport Pick-up Instructions

PASSENGER PICK-UP INSTRUCTIONS for Lambert – St. Louis International Airport. If you made a reservation to be picked up at the Airport, please read below:

***ATTENTION CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ!*** Due to new recent regulation changes at the Airport, any customer being picked up at the Airport, needs to follow these new pickup instructions.
  • If you have checked luggage please call us when you get to the baggage claim area so we can assign your CAR #, and our car is 5-7min away.
  • If you did not check luggage, please call us as soon as you get off the plane so we can give your car number and send your taxi immediately.
  • If you land after midnight, please check your voicemail for your driver’s informaion

Terminal 1, exit lower level door 14 into the parking garage.  Pick-up instructions for ALL airlines arrivals except Southwest and most Charter Flights.  Exit the lower level baggage area exit door 14 continue straight to taxi stand.  Car will be parked to the right of airport taxis.

Terminal 2, exit lower level door 12, cross the street into the parking garage. White Town Car or Minivan, with Car Service logo in blue, will be to the right of the taxi stand.  SOUTHWEST AIRLINES AND MOST CHARTER FLIGHTS.

A white car with CAR SERVICE in BLUE lettering will be waiting for you.

Chesterfield Taxi Lincoln Town Car

Thank you for your patronage!